Monday, 13 February 2017

Dangote rice set to launch Soon

Dangote Group is set to launch a new subsidiary, Dangote Rice, which will massively plant rice on 25,000 Hectares in Sokoto, Jigawa and Zamfara state, in north-west Nigeria.

President of the Group, Aliko Dangote disclosed at the weekend that the Company will flag off with a pilot project of 500 hectares at Gonroyo Dam, in Goronyo community in Sokoto state on Wednesday.

The rice will be available by the end of this year, possibly before Christmas.

The large scale rice farming has the prospect of providing hundreds of thousands of employment opportunities for the rural inhabitants under an out-grower scheme.

The head of media noted that through the Dangote Rice Outgrower Scheme, the company would partner with smallholder rice farmers to cultivate and grow rice paddy.

“ The company will provide inputs, technical assistance, extension services and land preparation services and equipment directly to farmers.

“At harvest, Dangote Rice will recoup the costs of inputs and services in-kind and will act as a guaranteed off-taker for paddy that meets certain pre-agreed quality standards.“Smallholder farmers will provide land and labour.

“By end of 2017, Dangote Rice will have 25,000 hectares cultivated across three sites in Northern Nigeria having identified as rice-growing communities.

“In Jigawa State, 5000 hectares will be cultivated, Sokoto State 10,000 hectares and Zamfara State 10,000 hectares.’’

He also said that additional 260 jobs would be created by the end of 2017.“These individuals will serve as agronomists, credit officers and staff of the mill.’’

According to him, Dangote Rice plans to produce one million metric tonnes of rice from 150,000 hectares in the next five years over in the long run.

“We intend to accomplish this by scaling the business model described above to more sites and rice-growing communities.

“In addition, the company plans to establish and manage a high-quality seed development farm at Numan in Adamawa to reduce the costs of seeds.

“Raw materials reception, drying, hulling, parboiling units and silos will be established in strategic areas throughout the country near Outgrower communities,’’ Awowole-Browne said.

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