Saturday, 11 February 2017

Commercial Sex Worker Breaks Daughter's Head in Lagos

Chioma Ochemba, a 37-year-old commercial sex worker in Ayobo, Lagos, smashed a wood on the head of her 7-year-old daughter, after accusing her of losing N100 slippers she had bought for her the previous day.

One of her neighbours, Mr Busari Tajudeen, said he was forced to intervene when Ochemba angrily grabbed the girl by the neck and hit her with a piece of wood.

Tajudeen promptly dragged the girl away from her and took the child to the Ayobo Police Division where a policewoman rushed her to the hospital for treatment. The girl was later treated and kept at the police station afterwards but the mother was nowhere to be found.

Ochemba made no attempt to look for the girl but instead, dressed up that day and went to her overnight work. The following day, police went after her.

Ochemba, who has three children (living with their grandmother in the village) by her first husband and another three (aged 7, 5 and 7 months old) by her current husband, explained that anger pushed her to deal the girl.

But neighbours said she regularly beat the children brutally. Ochemba explained that her anger was a result of frustration. “I am always suffering because of these children. Their father is in jail now. This is his fifth time in the Kirikiri Prison,” she said.

She said before her husband went to jail, he was an Indian hemp vendor. She said, “I have not been able to send the children to school since he went to jail eight months ago. .

At least he was able to send the children to school through the money he was making selling Indian hemp." Neighbours said anytime she went off to work overnight, she locked the children up in her room all by themselves.

The children have been taken away from her, temporarily, by the Lagos State government, pending a decision on what should be done to their mother.

-The Punch

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