Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Arik Air Suspends London, Johannesburg Flights

Arik Air on Tuesday made an announcement that it would be suspending flight operations to London, Johannesburg to enable it focus on local and west african routes which has been epileptic for years.

According to a statement issued by the new management of the airline, the decision to stop the two international-bound flights was made in order to find permanent solution facing its passengers.

“This is to bring to the notice of the traveling public our intention to suspend our international flight operations to enable us to find permanent solution facing our passengers as it will allow us to carry out a thorough assessment of the situation.

“The strategic business decision is meant to realign our operations and refocus on satisfying our domestic and West Africa and other international passengers.

“It will also present Arik with excellent opportunity to engage and discuss with creditors who have become restive since the intervention and have also understandably exhausted their patience due to non-payment of accumulated debt and non-performance on services and contracts,” the statement added.

“The international route is very critical for the strategic turnaround, growth strategy and stability of the airline. Therefore we intend to revisit the routes immediately as we address all the problems inherited, which is affecting and creating more passenger dissatisfaction.

“We appeal to all passengers to kindly bear with us as the decision is to ensure that the airline adheres strictly to international aviation best practices.”

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