Sunday, 19 February 2017

Another Physically Challenged man spotted wearing a Military outfit in Onitsha

Social media went up in flames last week when the video of Nigerian soldiers beating up a crippled man for wearing a camouflage emerged.

It happened in Onitsha.. surprisingly another crippled man was seen putting on a military outfit for the first time after this incident happened.

Maybe, just maybe he did that because the other crippled man was compensated with some huge amount of money by the government..

In a message to, Johnson, an Onitsha resident who spotted the physically challenged man at the same location where the first victim was seen, said "Somtoo, I saw this popular less-privileged man at New Market Road, Onitsha. He is wearing army colors now. He used to put Biafra color with him but this is the first time I'm seeing him with Army color. Maybe its because of the other man that was given 500k by Ebonyi State governor"

Video Below;

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