Monday, 30 January 2017

Iraq fires back at Trump, bans Americans from entering their country

Iraq has placed a ban on US citizens entering the country.

This follows an initial executive order signed by President Donald Trump placing a temporary ban on seven Muslim-dominant countries with Iraq being one of them.

According to Daily Mail, Iraqi politicians on Monday, January 30 banned US citizens from entering their country.

Kamil al-Ghrairi and Mohammed Saadoun who are Iraqi politicians said the decision which was made at the parliament was binding.

Although no specific numbers were given, they said this decision was made by majority of the politicians.

How the ban will be affected is not known yet as American military personnel, non-government and aid workers, oil companies and American business people are in Iraq.

Ishaq Jahangiri who is the senior vice president in Iraq described the ban illegal and against human right.

'We will definitely take stance against this illegal, inhumane and anti-human-rights activity in international bodies.

'And once again (we) will review and explore American human rights in international bodies in order to let the world to know what a system they are facing.'

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