Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Fake Lagos Beggar Pretends to be dead after being busted

A fake Lagos beggar has met his waterloo today after he allegedly approached Philanthropist, Kokun asking for money.

According to Kokun who shared the hilarious post via his Instagram, the beggar asked him for N4000 to treat his 'daughter' who was in the hospital.

As usual, the philanthropist requested to follow him to the hospital which he refused and pretended to be dying when he got forced.

Kokun said, "Met this man just now at Ikeja begging me for 4,000 naira for his daughter who's dying at Lasuth, so I got down from the car and told him let's go and I will pay for all the outstanding bills he refused that he want to go himself which was a lie.. We decided to force him inside the car and he pretend that he's dying... #Lagos beggars will want to take advantage of u"

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